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Recommended Affiliate Networks

My #1 recommended affiliate program is MOBE. Mobe has paid out over $100million in commissions to affiliates, and you can earn up to $10,000 from each sale. They require a small monthly fee ($20 I believe) to be a part of the program, but the fact that they allow you to earn lifetime recurring commissions on all sales, and that they have an allstar phone team that works behind the scenes to upsell all your customers is a great value add, and means that you can earn way more profits. Since this is a larger company, you also get many extra promotional options, such as promoting events, masterminds, and more.


For the networks below, you want to signup as an Affiliate (or a Publisher, or Partner in some cases, whichever is available).

Ads4Dough: A4D specializes in lead-generation offers, and has a variety of unique offers in financial verticals among others because of their great business development team. The company is run by Jason Akatiff, who is a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit and a godfather figure in the industry.

AboveAllOffers: Great variety of CPA (Cost-Per-Action) offers.

Affiliati Network: Great network in terms of high-converting and high-payout nutraceutical offers. They also have a fledgeling PayPerCall (PPC) network. They offer very little support, but are great if you are a high-volume affiliate or are looking for very aggressive offers.

Clickbank: This is the longest-running affiliate network, and has been around over 20 years! If you want to be an affiliate of my product, you can signup here.


Make sure to use the above links to apply to each network, and to cite me as a reference whenever you apply.

For traffic type, you want to put PPC and Social Media.

You will want to have your niche chosen before you apply, because otherwise you will not be accepted.

Remember, affiliate networks only make money if you are making sales. They offer little-to-no support until you are making over $10,000 per month, so do not bug your affiliate manager with questions that you could otherwise figure out by going through my training.

I do not want to hear about students abusing their privilege of these affiliate networks by pestering their support!




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