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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the course updated frequently?

A: Yes, the course is updated on a monthly basis.


Q: Can we move up to the Super Affiliate 12 week program once we complete the JetSet course?

A: Yes, there are upgrades that will become available from within the members area soon!


Q: Does the Super Affiliate course cover the same information as the JetSet course?

A: No. They are both about affiliate marketing, but they are different training programs.


Q: What are some key marketing strategies to target a specific audience?

A: Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Social Media, Email Marketing/List Building, Forums in your niche, etc.


Q: Could we get more information on Niches/Keywords?

A: There is a niche domination kickstart package that can be purchased here.


Q: Which is better, a blog site, or a review site?

A: One is not better than the other per se. It all depends on the quality of your content/reviews and how effectively you market the site and drive traffic.


Q: What step by step process is taught regarding niche picking, and getting your pages in good position within google?

A: There is an entire video module on ‘Choosing Your Niche’ as well as modules for both Google SEO and YouTube VSEO.


Q: Question in regards to the Walmart site, How do you work with Rakuten linkshare, or where can I find this info?

A: You can find out information about LinkShare here: and information about the WalMart affilate program can be found on the ‘Choose Your Niche’ module page here.


Q: Can we access the Internet Jetset from a mobile device?

A: Not fully. Internet Jetset uses state-of-the-art video encryption technology called VDOcipher so that all information posted within this course is secure, so not all videos will play correctly on mobile devices or tablets.

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