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What is Lifestyle Designs?

Lifestyle Designs is a widely regarded company that hosts live events and workshops every year in the US that go over everything from affiliate marketing, starting a digital consultancy, creating an eCommerce business, and creating an info-product business.

How Does It Work?

By signing up through the link on this page, you will be able to schedule a call with a coach to go over what event would be best for you to attend to make progress in your digital marketing business.

I personally have been going to events for years, and have had my biggest transformations and ‘aha’ moments at events.

The power of attending live learning events and hands-on workshops is not to be underestimated, and can be the biggest benefit to your progress in your new digital marketing career.

Why Do I Recommend LDI?

I recommend it for a number of reasons:

  1. Free Training Course: Their free course, ‘The 6 Steps To Freedom
  2. 1-on-1 Direction, Guidance, and Instruction: An advisor with LDI will go over what your business goals are, what events LDI currently offers, and which event would be best for you to attend.
    1. Intimate, small group setting for maximum results
  3. Network with World-Class Business Leaders:
  4. Multiple Education Tracks: All of LDI’s educational events are a combination of learning, and hands-on workshops, where you will literally create your business WITH one of our coaches right there, to help you set everything up.
    1. Affiliate Marketing — Obviously the easiest place to start an online business, and what we go over in my courses. Focus is on getting traffic.
    2. eCommerce — For those that are interested in selling their own products, and defining their own margins. Focus is on product.
    3. Digital Consultancy — Another great place to start, and where I actually got my start online by working with clients. Focus is on sales.
    4. Info-Product Creation — An advanced course, where you can learn the ins-and-outs of becoming an expert in your industry, and selling your own information product that has zero costs. This is what my courses are.
  5. Private Community: LDI has an online community, in addition to the network of entrepreneurs you will meet with at the actual events you attend. A fantastic resource.

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If you have any further questions about LDI events, feel free to contact my support at

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